Hilary clark, director

Hilary brings 24 years of Pilates training to offer her clients, tailoring each session to meet clients individual needs.  Known for giving a session that is highly personalized and playfully challenging, she has many successful experiences in increasing deep core support with ease and joy, all while decreasing pain.  Hilary’s sensitivity and multifaceted approach offers options for your body to experience Pilates, movement and wellness through a wide and knowledgeable movement lens.

Hilary is an accomplished professional dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. She received a New York Dance and Performance Award, aka a "Bessie", in 2008 for her body of work with Tere O'Connor, luciana achugar, and Fiona Marcotty. IN 2012, was honored with the “Silver Star Alumni Award” at University of the Arts, and in 2014, was nominated for the Doris Duke Impact Award. She has performed nationally and internationally with Miguel Gutierrez, Young Jean Lee Theater Company, Luke George, Jennifer Rosenblit and Larissa Velez-Jackson. She continues to teach at Movement Research regularly.

From 2000-2001, Hilary completed the highest level certification in Pilates, with Deborah Lessen, former pilates method alliance board president, at Greene Street Studio in New York City. She has invested into her continued anatomy and nueromuscular studies with Irene Dowd, with whom she studied from 2001 -2010, completing classes in Anatomy, Anatomy Lab, Ideokinesis, Movement Re-education and through all Dowds’ advanced studies and choreographies ( spirals, orbits, Pathways of the Peripheral Nervous System).

From 2000 -2005, Hilary completed a Master's Training through the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda in which she studied Food, Breath and Sound Healing, Woman’s Health and Spirituality, Pancha Karma, Yoga/Healing Passes and other healing and meditative practices. She is available for Ayurvedic consultations and healing therapies in the Wise Earth tradition.

In 2014, Hilary completed a BodyTalk Access Course and Fascial Fitness training program. Hilary continues her studies of breath, tensegrity and fascia to better inform our bodies and appreciate the wonders of the fascial network.

Her current research is in being a new Mama to the wonders of her baby girl!

She brings her knowledge to enhance a new and current Pilates model which emphasize proper breathing, body awareness and deep core support, all leading to a dynamically supported body. Her influences of vocal training, dance and Continuum, all support her continued work with and through the Pilates system.